Get ready for takeoff!
Manage your online airport.

Skyrama – Lead your airport to international renown and reach for the skies

Take control of your own airport: manage day-to-day operations, dispatch planes around the world and keep your fleet up and running

This is the final boarding call for Bigpoint’s hit airport simulation game Skyrama! Hit the tarmac and take to the skies in your very own airport browser game. Manage the daily operations of your international airport: decide which businesses and attractions to offer your passengers, dispatch your own fleet of airplanes to destinations worldwide and build a reputation envied the world over! Get your passport stamped, your luggage checked and get on board Bigpoint’s high-flying airport simulation game Skyrama.

Soar To New Heights, One Brick At A Time

As manager of your own airport in Skyrama, it's up to you to run your own airport the way you see fit and build it from a dusty landing strip for twin-engine Cessnas to an asphalted tarmac with massive jets zipping world travelers to distant destinations. Oversee your personnel to keep your airplanes flying smoothly and thus your passengers happy! Take charge of your airport's air traffic controllers, flight attendants and ground crew, and tend to your international passengers. Check in customers, organize flight schedules and make sure your planes get out on time. Take to the skies and soar to new heights!

When The Money Flows, Your Airport Grows

An efficient airport leads to happy customers and a rising reputation in the competitive world of international air travel. With the influx of flights and passengers your finances will boom graduating you to a destination for top talent throughout the industry. Put friendly stewardesses in place to make the skies enjoyable, build world-class hotels for passengers to lay their heads, create fun and exciting attractions for travelers with layovers and gourmet restaurants to please the palettes of weary globetrotters.

Quests And Rewards Flying All Around

Skyrama's also high on fun, fun, fun! Complete challenging quests, take part in event celebrations and earn rewards of plenty! Dispatch your fleet of planes to exotic destinations to collect rare and valuable artifacts, to keep your airport stocked with the resources it needs and much more. With regularly updated content, Skyrama can stay current of all the latest happenings around the world to bring the party to the airport for you and your passengers. In Skyrama, the sky's the limit!

Build A Network Of Fellow Flying Friends

Turn your airport into a model to follow for others determined to break into the airport business! Visit other hubs to lean on for inspiration, befriend other managers and send traffic their way. Play Skyrama with people from around the world and receive planes from everywhere. Give planes permission to land, unload their cargo holds and get them ready for their next flights. Skyrama is a browser game experience that will have you soaring!
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Skyrama trailer
Skyrama trailer
Skyrama trailer
Skyrama trailer
Skyrama trailer
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